In a nutshell

Fanatical Sketchbook drawer & iPad scrawler 
Procreate, Derwent Graphik Markers, Posca pens 

Avid Games of Thrones fan

No spoilers please - no I haven't yet watched the last series - yes I know it sounds crazy

Chief Salad Maker

Avocado, Falafel, Broccoli, Red Onion, hard boiled egg, a million cherry Tomatoes

Devoted Podcast listener
especially anything True Crime!

Eager Gardener

Succulents!!!! Orchids, Lavender, Hellebores, 
Passionflower & any flowers that bees love

Obsessor of What is for dinner?!

Chilli con carne, Stir fry, Paella, Ratatouille, Turkey Sausages, Fishcakes... soooo many yummy possibilities

Hi there! 

Thanks for stopping by my website. 

I hope you like what you see. Here is a little more information about me!

I have been working in various creative industries for my entire career. Working in design agencies in London on all sorts of brands - big ones, small ones, local ones, global ones! Creating everything from brands, packaging, 

campaigns, illustrations & unique artwork.

Growing up in south London in multi-cultural family, I have developed a massive love of travel, different cultures, cuisines and languages.

When I'm not planning our next big adventure, I can be found out hiking the North Downs close to home, alongside my partner-in-mischief Martin.


Feel free to view my Linked in profile here


BA Design (Hons)

Goldsmiths College, University of London 

BTEC Arts & Design

Wimbledon School of Art

Work Experience

1HQ - Design Director

JKR - Senior Designer

Parker Williams - Designer

Tjarks & Tjarks - Junior Designer

We are all original

All the artwork on my website is as unique as you are,
so please 
don't steal, copy or use my images without permission. If you would like to work together
or would like a print, please get in touch

Epsom, UK       07854650943