Day 2

Create a brand to encourage Millennials  and Generation Z to wear more and wash clothing less.

Day 2 has the power to reduce the wear on your clothing, reduce washing therefore lessening impact on the environment.

Brand Design - Packaging Design


Limited Edition packaging design for Cornetto SEA to
celebrate Valentine's 
Aimed at social media 
Gen Z south East Asians.

These concepts were
based on a modern Social Media version of the stages of a relationship.


Packaging Design


Transform for Wellness

Re-branding an existing fitness programme to appeal to a forward thinking audience.

The new design needed to appeal to a wide range of people who are interested in fitness & wellbeing

Brand Design - Editorial Design - Illustration


New product line to spice up the decline in the chutney aisle. 

These unusual flavours are aimed to encourage   Millennials and Gen Z to add some salsa to their life.

Packaging Design

Widow Reborn

Create a brand for a widow support group. A community to allow widows to blossom and grow through the process of loss. 

financial and legal to emotional support. This needed to be positive and forward looking

Brand Design


Fox's biscuits was loosing traction in a saturated market within the UK. 

Known for their premium quality, the existing was lacking in tastiness and feeling dated. 

Brand Design - Packaging Design


This well known gardening and lifestyle magazine needed a more modern and sophisticated design to appeal to it's consumers and target market.

Brand Design - Editorial Design

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